About “The” Picture

So……nothing like having a picture that you took going viral to push one into a blog post.  So I thought I would share how “the” prom picture came about.  Over 3 years ago our daughter Kaylee was a senior in high school and looking forward to her senior prom.  That same weekend we had a house full of body builders as my best friends’ son and his buddies needed a place to stay when they were in Bend for a body building competition.  My best friend was also here to watch her son compete and be with her buddy Kaylee as she got ready for her senior prom.

When the dates arrived and it came time for pictures, the prom kids and several of us headed outside to get pictures.  As I walked by Ryan (the body builder on the left in the yellow almost not there speedo) and whispered in his ear “I dare you”.  Now when I whispered those words, I had a visual of Ryan alone coming out and disrupting the pictures…..oh boy was I wrong.  About halfway through the pictures the three body builders literally burst out the door and started posing with the prom kids.  Poor Kaylee (the one that looks like she has a seatbelt on) almost burst out in tears.  Take a very close look at her face.  The other kids had a blast with it while Kaylee remained mortified the entire time.  The “exorcism” taking place behind the kids are my two sons Connor and Reuben who photo bomb any picture they can.

There is actually more to this story than just that picture.  It just so happened that the prom and body building competition were actually held at the same venue (one upstairs and one in the basement).  The body building boys decided that they also needed to visit Kaylee and her friends at the prom.  Thank God they at least put pants on for that.  They did almost get themselves thrown out on their ear by a very feisty and SMALL principal (female).  So, that is the story of “the” picture.

The Ultimate Prom Picture
The Ultimate Prom Picture



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