Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are definitely all over the high desert.  Today Dave and I took a drive out to Camp Sherman and Suttle Lake and of course, I took advantage of this little adventure and got some great photos that show spring blooming here in Central Oregon.    Check out the honey bee on this beautiful yellow wild flower.

DSC_0440These flowers were growing close to a little creek that feeds into Suttle Lake.


Green leaves are starting to appear…..

DSC_0390Just about everywhere…….

DSC_0389While the campgrounds were pretty much empty, there were some folks who decided to take advantage of the wonderful spring weather…..

DSC_0418At Camp Sherman, we saw a guy heading down the river in a rubber raft……and he was going FAST.

DSC_0376Yes……spring is here, but after 15 years in Central Oregon, I know that Mother Nature probably still has some cold weather up her sleeve so I am going to savor every single beautiful, warm moment of this weekend!

DSC_0454Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I haven’t written a whole lot lately, but I do have a post brewing and am hoping to get it up tomorrow.  I will give you a glimpse into the topic with this simple statement.  I am so tired of how judgmental our society has become.





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