I am always so happy when spring arrives.  To me is means the beginning of new life.  The beginning of lots of sunshine.  Just a new beginning.  I so enjoy watching the flowers bloom, and the beautiful cherry blossoms that are almost out here in Bend.  I love, love, love those.  I love the lilacs (even though there aren’t very many here in Bend).  I love driving by the fields and seeing baby calves grazing with their mommas.  I love seeing the foals running in the wind.  I love spring.  Here in Bend this is the time of year when we also start seeing fawns.  Last year I enjoyed watching twins grow up around our office building.  First as tiny babies with spots following their mom everywhere.  Then as their spots began to fade and we would see mom grazing in one area and the babies together somewhere else.  Now they are “on their own” and we still see them with the other young deer who hang around our office buildings.  It has been so much fun watching  them grow up.    I am eagerly anticipating seeing more babies around here soon.  Yes, to me spring signifies new life.

Walla Walla and other Pics 071

Walla Walla and other Pics 072

Walla Walla and other Pics 061

Living in Bend for the past 15 years, I have learned that Spring can also be a very difficult and frustrating time.  Living on the high desert means that we can literally have snow on the 4th of July.  It means that at nights, we get down and below freezing a LOT this time of the year.  Anyone who has lived here for any length of times knows that you do NOT under any circumstances plant a garden or flowers before Memorial Day unless you are doing so in a green house.  It just isn’t worth it!  This is the time of year that I miss living in Walla Walla.  When we still have brown lawns and tiny leaves peaking through on our rose bushes, my friends in Walla Walla are mowing their lawns and have big beautiful blossoms on their roses.  Yep, spring in Central Oregon is difficult.  It can be cold, windy and downright miserable………but then that day comes when BOOM the weather turns, flowers are blooming and I am reminded of the beauty of the place I call home.


2 thoughts on “Spring……..

    1. This is the time of year that I am jealous of where you live Linda. You are posting pictures of the quads eating in the gazebo, drinking wine in the evening in your driveway and so many beautiful flowers, and we are still waiting for our tulips to bloom!

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