It’s been a while since I’ve updated.  So much has been going on and I honestly feel like I’ve been running in circles at times.   My work life, my personal life, my everything life……just a lot going on.


Let’s start with work.  Way back last spring in what I now call a weak moment, I agreed to lead the charge in the planning and execution of my work Winter Celebration which is our employee appreciation party.  I love putting together events, but when it get close to the final day, to say I am STRESSED is a major understatement.    There always seem to be so many loose ends out there and the list seems endless, but again it always comes together so I don’t know why I let it stress me out.  There is a great team from work, and my husband always does everything he can to help, but I feel the weight.  If something goes wrong, I feel like it is my fault, so I do everything I can to ensure that things don’t go wrong……but inevitable something happens that I do not plan for.

The first surprise this year has been the number of expected attendees.  We had about 175 people attend last year.  This year, we are close to 300.  YIKES.  That is a lot of people!

Let me give you a few more examples from years past.  There was the year when I was working for Hooker Creek that I thought that decorative rocks would be nice “extra decor” on the tables.  NOT.  Let’s just say that once people get a few drinks in them, said rocks become airborne objects.  I kid you not….that night when I was getting ready for bed, a decorative rock fell out of my BRA!  Yea, great idea, not so great after people have a little to drink.

Then there was the other Hooker Creek party where we used poker chips as our drink tickets.  Each person got two poker chips.  After that they were supposed to purchase their own alcohol.  This didn’t work so well either.  I found out toward the end of the night that the company president and owner were going to the bar and getting the chips that people had turned in and then just kept recycling them to employees.  Yea, we had quite a few who ended up needing taxi rides home.  Great idea, not so great results.

Last year was my first year at the Mosaic Medical party and it was wonderful with one exception.  We had an employee raffle that went on, and on and on……so this year we have decided to make some changes to  make it a little smoother and not last so long.  All I am going to say is that it is either the best decision we have made as a committee or the worst.  I guess we will find out on Saturday night.

Another great idea was for me to make my dress.  The theme this year is Black and White Ball.  I purchased an adorable pattern and material and was very excited about making my dress.  Well…..time has not been my friend and I still have nothing to wear to the party.  I will be visiting Macy’s either tomorrow night or Friday.  If I don’t find something, I might be wearing black sweats and a white sweatshirt.

Going back to my word of the year, I BELIEVE everything will go well.

On another note, Dave and I have started taking yoga classes.  I am enjoying them, but haven’t had a chance to go this week with all that is going on.  I will be there on Sunday and can’t wait.


I am still enjoying my bible study as well.  I absolutely love those ladies and I love the study that we are doing.  I am loving reading scriptures that I have “known” all my life, but yet am learning more about applying them to my life.  For a person who grew up in church, this is very exciting.

Well, I’ve got split pea soup on the stove and a 7 o’clock phone call date with the newly engaged couple to talk wedding budget……..YIKES.  I have no idea what to expect from this call…….



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