He Popped the Question

indexThis was a big weekend for our family……and an even bigger weekend for our daughter Kaylee.  On Saturday Kaylee said “yes” when her boyfriend Alex got down on one knee and asked her to become his wife.

10940471_1036669009693677_172524994560049101_nKaylee and Alex met just over a year ago when he moved to Bend to become a music intern at our church.  It has been fun watching their relationship grow and blossom.  They are a couple who have already been through some trials.  Circumstances beyond both of their control led to Alex leaving Bend about six months before he originally planned.  They had only been dating for about 5 months at the time and her dad and I watched as our heartbroken daughter said goodbye to the man she loved, not knowing when they would live in the same town again.  As her parents, we felt that this separation would either make or break their relationship.

We sat back and watched them work through the difficulty of maintaining a relationship while living 9 hours apart.  We listened to Kaylee as she shared her plans to move to Lynden to continue her college up there and be close to her boyfriend.  Through tears we watched her drive away with Alex in early September with all (well half…..the other half is still in our garage) of her worldly possessions in the back of her pick-up, not quite sure what the future would hold……

Fast forward to Christmas.  Alex, officially asked Dave for his permission to ask Kaylee to marry him……and then on Saturday, January 24, 2015 he asked our daughter, our precious Super Redhead Girl the question that will change the rest of her life………and she said YES!

1454681_1036671456360099_939489383906067176_n10426555_1036668639693714_4511555137300336091_n10891501_1035345056492739_2720768543120783202_n10940455_1035345089826069_4231417020348388390_n……and now we get to plan the wedding.  I am so excited.


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