A Special Date

August 15 is a special date for me. Not only is it my parents anniversary, but it is also the day that Dave and I set the date for our wedding.

When Dave and I got engaged, we were actually planning on getting married on June 25th. However as we moved closer and closer to that original wedding date it became obvious that Dave just wasn’t ready. He had been married before and there were still some ghosts from that first marriage that needed to be dealt with, so we decided to postpone our wedding. When we made this decision, Dave told me he wanted me to keep my engagement ring as he was sure he wanted to get married, but just needed a little more time to work through some things. Originally I did keep the ring, but after several weeks, I decided to give it back to him as it was just too difficult for me to wonder each day when he would be ready to set a date.

I remember vividly when I gave  him the ring back. It was right after my family reunion in Cascades Locks. the first weekend of August.  Little did I know that the ring would be back on my finger in less than two weeks. At the time I also didn’t know that it was our experience at my family reunion that made him decide he was ready to set a date.

So that same year on August 15th we helped my parents celebrate their anniversary and then later that evening when we were alone at his house, Dave proposed to me for a second time and put that engagement ring back on my finger where it belonged. That night he said that he wanted to get married on September 20th of that same year. WHAT????????

Did he not know that it takes more than a month to plan a wedding? Did he not know that I always wanted a Christmas wedding? In the end it didn’t matter to me. I was finally going to marry the love of my life.

I will share more about our wedding day on September 20 which is our 26th anniversary. For now you know why the date of August 15th means so much to me.


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