Jarry Sundusky Is Pure Evil

I have many thoughts going through my head about this man who preyed on innocent, vulnerable children. A man who took in foster children who needed a safe home, and instead he molested them one after another. He is a sick animal who is getting what he deserves. After spending time in the foster system as a young child, I know what it feels like to think that nobody loves you. I know what it feels like to yearn to “belong”. I know what it feels like to be bullied into staying quiet about something, just because you want to have a home of your own. Jerry Sundusky preyed on children with emotional problems, foster children etc. He knew what he was doing and he know that nobody would ever believe those children over the “great and mighty Penn State Assistant Football Coach”. Well, Jerry…..you were wrong. It took many years, but a jury of YOUR peers believed those kids and with you behind bars and unable to hurt another child, it is quite possible that these victims may finally begin to heal. Jerry Sundusky, you are pure evil!


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