More Pictures

I have been busy moving personal files from my old computer to my new one and came across some that I just had to share.

Cute Baseball Players

More fun kid pictures.  I honestly cannot believe how fast they have all grown up.

Libby and her best friend Stephanie June 2006.

Libby and Stephanie have been best friends since they were 18 months old.  Now at the age of 24 they remain best friends and are there for each other, in good times and bad.  That’s what friends are for…..

Reuben and Ryan, June 2009 at Reuben’s high school graduation.

Ryan is Stephanie’s little brother and he and Reuben have been best friends since they were little as well.  True friendships transcend miles.  Although we have not lived in the same town for over 12 years, these kids are still maintained great friendships.

Little Baseball Player

He has grown up so much since this picture was taken.  I believe he was in 7th grade here.  Now he is almost through with his sophomore year of high school.

Classy Lady

My sister Delphine at her daughter Brittany’s wedding in June 2009.  She is holding her new son-in-laws dress Marine hat.  That young man is currently serving our country in Afganistan.


My two nieces.  Brittany and Kelsey at Brittany’s wedding.  Nice face Brittany!

More Sisters

Me and my sister Delphine.  This picture was taken at the farm one of the last times all of us girls got together before mom died.

Gettin her Groove On

Libby dancing her way through life.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will share more memories from my family picture archives.  Thanks for checking in.



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