Lovin the Job(s)

I have gone from being not so busy to not having enough hours in the day, but I am loving every minute of it. I started work at Every Idea Marketing, an ad agency here in Bend, Oregon last Monday. Along with working about 35 hours a week at Every Idea, I am putting in about 10 hours per week at Hooker Creek. Between the two, I’m a busy girl. I go into Hooker Creek at 7 AM and work for a couple of hours. Then it’s off to Every Idea until 5ish. Definitely makes for a tired Ginny, but also a happy Ginny.

I have always loved the challenge of taking on a new job that requires me to learn new things. I have a lot of marketing experience. I’ve worked as a marketing manager for over 10 years, have been in radio sales and have worked both in front of the camera in TV and behind the mic in radio. What I have not done, is work for an ad agency. Well…….that is until now. This job is really rounding ou my resume and allowing me to learn a whole new area of marketing.

Today I spent time working on projects for several different clients. I also spent several hours on a special project that the Every Idea owns. We are putting on an event in Redmond, Oregon called Western Christmas. It is going to be amazing, but it’s a lot of work. That’s ok…I love working hard.

Well, I’m going to relax a bit but wanted to let everyone know that I am loving the new job.


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