Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Man, the past couple of weeks have been difficult in the Streeter family. Two of my children have had relationships of over two years come to an end. Relationships between two young peole who are wonderful individuals who see that they are at a point in their lives where they need a break. They need a chance to follow their own dreams. They want freedom. Both couples initially set out to break up on good terms. In one situation that seems to be working. In the other, I’m not so sure. There is some hurt surfacing and confusion between the two kids. As a parent it is very difficult to watch. I just want my kids to be happy. Lord, I pray for Kaylee and Evan and Reuben and Reagan, that they will feel YOUR presence in their lives and that they will be looking to you for guidance as they travel these very unfamiliar waters. Help them to keep their eyes on you and to seek your will in their lives and with these relationships. Lord, I simply pray that you will walk this rough patch with them and get them to the other side. Thank you and Amen.


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