Why I Started this Blog…and Why I will Continue to Blog

I love blogging. I think it’s because I love writing and I have always found it easy to express my thoughts and feelings through writing. Over the last couple of years, as I have read many different blogs and have followed the lives of others online, the thought of trying to make money from my blog has crossed my mind. I will admit that it has more than crossed my mind. I even purchased a book called Pro Blogger thinking that I would get some great tips on how to grow my blog and possibly make a little money in the process. However……there has always been something that has held me back, a little voice in the back of my mind that said “don’t go down that road”. At first I wasn’t quite sure why I was hearing the voice, but now I know without a shadow of a doubt why I will never go down the road of trying to make money on my blog.

The reason? Because I think that it will become more about the money and less about sharing. Let me explain why I feel this way. There is a pretty well known mommy blogger that I have followed for about two years now. When I started following her blog, it was when her fourth child was extremely ill and she I found her blog through the calls for prayer on another blog that I follow…..and I clicked on the link to learn more about this precious little boy. As I read her blog, I was touched by her writing……..she did such a good (great) job of sharing her feelings, her faith, her love for her family etc. In the early days, I had no idea that this woman was making close to $20,000 PER MONTH on her blog. As I have followed her blog, I have come to realize that her posts are more for the clicks and less about sharing her faith/family. She plays games with her followers’ emotions, takes gifts from them, creates drama etc., all in the name of clicks which in turn generate income. This woman does not work. Her husband does not work….their sole source of income is from her blog. This woman is not the first person to take advantage of people via the internet and she will not be the last. The thought of “big money” is just too much for a mother wanting to stay home with her kids, and yet needing to bring in extra income……and when you can’t generate enough clicks with the truth…..well, it’s just too tempting to embilish. After all, who will every know?

So……I will not go down that road. I will enjoy sharing tales of my family……give advice on parenting from time to time……and just enjoy writing. That’s why I started this blog, and that is what I will continue to do with it.

And oh yea……I will keep my day job. My husband will keep his job and we will make our living the old fashioned way. By working. Not by making up stories.



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