A “Moving” Experience

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Woodinville, Washington (north of Seattle) to help our oldest daughter pack up her belongings and move them back “home” to Bend, Oregon. Libby has lived in the Seattle for the past four years working at Starbucks and finishing her Associate Degree at Bellevue College. Now you would think that moving one little girl home would not take much……but then you don’t know Libby. She is a pack rat…..she keeps EVERYTHING. Case in point. She has a vast DVD collection. In the five years (one year in Walla Walla, Washington) she has lived away from home, she has never had cable TV so she has invested in DVD’s. She has several different TV series on DVD, and more movies than I can count. Most of that collection has been put in one case where she can easily find a movie she would like to watch so her DVD’s are not in the cases. But do you think she could throw away any of her precious cases. Nope, nada, not a chance. So we moved several boxes of empty DVD cases back to Bend. It is the same story with her vast music CD collection. Not a CD in the cases, but she just has to keep all of the cases.

Liberty has always been a Michael Jackson fan and she was absolutely devastated when he died. Since even before his death, she has collected A LOT of Michael “treasures”. After he died, the collection grew. She has a 30 POUND MICHAEL BOOK. She has a life size stand up Michael doll. She has every magazine that was published about him right after his death. She has Michael DVD’s…….she has a HUGE Michael collection that we also had to move with great care.

Now let’s talk about the clothes. We moved 5 HUGE tubs of her clothes. As I was helping to pack said clothes, I could not help but notice that she still has t-shirts from when she was in grade school (she is 23). Do you think we could throw any of those away? Not on your life.

In the kitchen we found more silverware than I have for a family of 6. The number of mugs and cups she has is staggering. And the tea…..she worked 4 years at Starbucks and each week she got a free “markout”. She had one full box of tea and coffee.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. The kid has loads of stuff……not even counting the furniture. Her dad and I arrived on Thursday and the three of us spend all day Thursday and Friday packing. We started loading on Friday afternoon and it soon became aparent that we were in trouble. Long story short. We filled our car and the u-haul trailer to the brim…..and still had stuff left over. So, Libby and her boyfriend Stephen drove an SUV to Battleground where we have family and several boxes of her stuff is safely stored in their shop until we can head over and get it. It was a fun and exhausting weekend, but after it was all said and done we have all of her worldly possessions safely stored in a storage unit here in Bend. Below are some pictures of the move.

How we moved Libby.....In the car top carrier we had a GIANT teddy bear that is about three times bigger than Libby. I'm telling you, we had every space filled.
Filled to the brim....

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