Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of days. We went up to Seattle to packl up our oldest daughter and move her (well her stuff) back home. She graduated with an Associate in Arts and Science degree from Bellingham University. This summer she will be dancing her heart out as a staff member for UDA. She will be traveling to four different states to help put on these camps and she is heaven. She will be DANCING all summer long. So she gave up her apartment in Seattle as it would be silly to pay close to $1,000 for a month for an apartment that she won’t be living in for the summer…..so we get to see her smiling face at home between camps. To say the time away was difficult is putting it mildly. That girl has a lot of stuff. I swear we are going to see her on that show Hoarders in about 10 years. We brought home a teddy bear that is three times bigger than she is…….that about says it all. Well, I am exhausted and I need a break so I will put together a full post on our adventure tomorrow. For tonight……all I have to say is “Good Night”.


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