As I mentioned in my post yesterday, over the next couple of days the theme of my posts will revolve around my two favorite fathers. My own dad and the father of my children. Today I’m going to share a story about my husband and youngest son.

Our next door neighbor is a single woman who we have come to love as family since moving into our home over three years ago. She jokingly refers to herself as the NNL (nosy neighbor lady) and will often times ask Dave if he can help her out with little projects around the house (fixing sprinkler head, hanging pictures, general handyman stuff). Our youngest son, Connor, also “works” for this neighbor by mowing and caring for her lawn. This is a job he has had for the past two summers. About a month ago, this neighbor approached my husband and asked if he would be interested in building a fence for her….stating that she was willing to pay him for the work. Dave took on the project but recognized that he would be unable to do all of the work himself. First he enlisted the help of our neighbor on the other side, a very strong young man in his mid 20’s. Josh initially said that he’d love to help out, but then suffered an injury that put him out of commission for a while. So Dave asked Connor if he would like to earn some money by helping build the fence. Connor said yes.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. They started work on the fence the first weekend in June by getting all of the post holes dug….and then throughout the week they spent several more hours getting the posts set etc. On Friday, June 12….the last day of school for Connor, the heavy labor began. The two of them spent Friday night until dark working on their project. On Saturday, they were at it again, from 8 AM – 8 PM. Sunday was very much the same and by Sunday night they were 99% finished with their project.

As a wife and a mother, I am incredibly proud of both my husband and son. Dave truly is an amazing teacher and he is teaching our son a genuine craft, something that Connor will be able to use for the rest of his life.. Connor has been such a willing student, getting up each morning on his own and heading out to work hard with dad. I told Dave on Sunday night that Connor accomplished more in the first two days of summer “vacation” than most kids will the entire summer, which is very true. He also grew up a lot in those two days, turning into a genuine “man child”. Connor is so excited because his bank account will grow substantially because of his own hard work, and there is a very real possibility that it will grow even more, because the NNL wants the fence stained as well.

Dave and Connor have always had a very close relationship. I remember several years ago (when Connor was 6 or 7) I asked him who his best friend was. His response? Daddy! They are still incredibly close, even as Connor has entered into the difficult teenage years, and I think that after their fence project their bond has grown even stronger.


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