Surprise Visit

We had a surprise visit this weekend from a very dear friends’ son. Curtis Henry and his friend Stephen are on a road trip as we speak. Driving from Colorado where Curtis attends college to Fairbanks, Alaska where both boys were raised. They are having the adventure of a lifetime…..rock climbing, kayaking, hiking…..along the way. On Friday night I got a call from my friend Cheryl saying that the boys were in Central Oregon and would love a shower and a nice warm bed. It just so happened that we had two open beds and plenty of water for showers so we welcomed them with open arms.

I loved getting to know Stephen and visiting with Curtis. I hadn’t seen Curtis for about 5 years. The only thing that would have made the visit better is if Curtis had brought his mom along.

In other news, it was a pretty laid back weekend. Ran a bunch of errands yesterday and spent much of the afternoon cooking for our two visitors. This morning we got up early and went to church and then enjoyed a brunch of fried taters and breakfast casserole. The afternoon we have visited more, watched movies and just had an overall relaxing afternoon.

Pastor Drews’ message in church was wonderful. He definitely took a stand and I appriate a pastor who is willing to preach the word of God even if it is not popular. Thank you pastor Drew.

That just about wraps up my weekend. What about yours?


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