Let’s Try Again

I just wrote a whole post and then poof…..it was gone….I LOST it. Bummer. Today was a good day. It started off with an interview for a marketing position with a well known builder here in Central Oregon. I feel like I really clicked with the two gentlemen conducting the interview and that it went well, but I will not even begin to try and predict the outcome. I’ve left too many job interviews really feeling good and expecting that I had landed the job only to be disappointed.

I have a phone interview with anoter company tomorrow afternoon. This is for a marketing position as well. I am really praying that I land one of these two, very different positions. The one with the builder is approximately 30 hours per week so I could continue to do the marketing for Hooker Creek as well. The drawback is that there are no benefits and I am a little concerned about the number of hours I will be able to get with Hooker Creek after about July. The second job is with a very secure company here in Central Oregon and is a full time position. This company would offer good benefits and the job would be very secure. The drawback is that I most likely would not be able to continue doing the Hooker Creek work. I am praying that I land the position that God feels would be best for this season of my life. Any prayers you would like to send this way would be greatly appreciated.


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