My Ah Ha Moment

As many of you know, I have been struggling with worry over my current employment situation. To re-cap…..the company I worked for for almost 5 years cut my position as of January 1. I am incredibly thankful that they think enough of me and the job I do to retain my services as an independent contractor so I have continued to do all of the marketing for Hooker Creek Companies, LLC. What has been so difficult for me is not knowing how many hours I will get in each month, and thus what my monthly income is. Each and every day since January 1 I have worried about when my job will end……and when my income will drop drastically (unemployment would be about half of what I make). I have applied for several marketing jobs in Central Oregon but as of yet have not found anything new. I have struggled with making a decision about whether or not I will try to grow Savvy Marketing Solutions or if I will continue to seek employment where I will have benefits etc. and a guaranteed income….and through it all I have worried…..well, no more.

Yesterday at church I had a real revelation….I really felt as if God spoke to me and said “Ginny stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy today”. God stressed upon me that I am spending so much time worrying about what tomorrow might bring that I am missing out on today. That is so true……the past four months have been incredibly difficult….I have been moody, stressed, and just not fun to be around (sorry kids) and I believe it is because I have been so consumed with thoughts of my employment situation and not trusting God to take care of things. As I look back over the past four months, I realize that He has more than taken care of my family. He has provided for us and He will continue to provide for us. Lord……I am giving it to you and I am going to quit stressing so much about tomorrow.

This ah ha moment happened just yesterday and I feel like such a huge weight has been lifted. I believe with my whole being that it is from God. I also believe that satan does not like that I have come to this realization. Just last night I had a horrible dream about….you guessed it… employment situation. I know without a doubt that God will lead me in the direction He wants me to go…..whether it be growing Savvy or finding a different job. At this time I have several resumes out, and a proposal in front of a local non-profit organization for Savvy…..we shall see which way God takes me.


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