Sorry so Slow

I have set a goal of having at least one post per day. I’m going pretty good, but from time to time I miss one. I had good intentions and a good idea for a post yesterday, but I was just way too tired from way too little sleep. You see I am a hopeless romantic who loves history that absolutely HAD to get up at 1 PM to watch the wedding of Prince William and Catherine. What a wonderful love story and I love how they found a way to make their wedding very personal with all of the pressures from the palace etc. They did it right. I loved seeing the private words spoken between them when they had a chance. I loved the gentle way he helped her out of the carriage. I loved that they…..we…….appear to be so in love. I think William did this right. He waited to propose to Kate to make sure that she was ready for what is to come. One thing that I really like about her is how natural she seems with all of the cameras etc. following her ever mood. She loves William enough to give up any hope of ever having a “normal” life again. I see the two of them working diligently to keep as much of their life as they can private. As far as the wedding goes, it was beautiful. I loved her gown. It reminded me of Princess Grace of Monoco. Catherins’s dress was very classy….beautiful ……elegant…..perfect for her. What I enjoyed also were all of the old traditions that they stayed with, showing how much those traditions mean to them. It truly was wonderful and I am so glad that I git up at 1 AM to catch the wedding. It was worth it. What were your thoughts on the Royal Wedding?


2 thoughts on “Sorry so Slow

  1. I saw that you are just starting to promote your blog and I am in the same place. After reading several of your posts, I just love how candid you are and natural. I loved it. It was very refreshing.

    I received this advice not too long ago, and it seemed to improve the readability of my blog. Separate your paragraphs with spaces in between and it make it easier on the eyes.

    1. Thank you for that suggestion. I will definitely start doing what you suggest. Do you have any other suggestions on how to promote my blog?

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