Dr. Phil

I am watching Dr. Phil this afternoon and honestly cannot tell what I am feeling. He is working with a family that has totally fallen apart. They have a teenage daughter who threatens her parents with physical violence. The father has been both verbally and physically abusive toward the daughter. The mother appears to have just sat back and let the other two go at each other. I am amazed at what this girl has been allowed to get away with. A child does not just become this overnight…….it starts when they are young, and cute and escalates from there. These parents have some real problems and the daughter needs some sort of therapy. Dr. Phil talked with one of the brothers in the family. He said he just wants to see his family get along. How sad. When I look at the parents, it reminds me of people we know. People who did not dicipline their children when they were young. Things that were “cute” when they were little are dangerous now. The children (now grown) have no respect for their parents. That is the same as the family in Dr. Phil today. This family wants help. Hopefully they accept the help that Dr. Phil is offering and make the changes necessary to make their home a safe and happy place to be. Parenting is difficult. You are not always your child’s friend. There is no room in parenting for physical, verbal or emotional abuse. You are teaching your children the same abusive ways. No wonder this young girl is so out of control. I pray that this family can find a way to make their family healthy again. I think God for people like Dr. Phil who have the guts to call an spade a spade and tell these folks that they need to make some changes. I really hope this family can change.


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