The Greatest Comeback Ever…..

Jesus Is Risen from the Dead!

As I sit here on this Easter, there are many emotions that I am feeling. I feel extreme thankfulness with the knowledge that Jesus came to this world to save ME Ginny Streeter. Salvation is extended to each and every one of us but action is required on our part. We must accept the amazing gift of salvation that is so freely given by the man I call Abba, Father, Daddy, Jesus. No matter what the name, the purpose remains the same. He is our father and he loves us unconditionally. He will ALWAYS be our savior. The only action required in our part is to believe, through faith, that Jesus is the son of God and ask His spirt into your heart. This is the key to eternal live.

Many people struggle with the idea of salvation and that when you become a Christian that your sins are forgiven and the slate is wiped clean. People simply cannot grasp that all of our sins….past/present and future can be forgiven. The bible states this as fact and I believe it to be true. One thing that people do need to realize is that though God gives a new chance with a clean slate, the world isn’t always as forgiving. In the eyes and laws of the world, there are many times when our past sins will require us to be punished or be held accountable for our sins. This does not change when we choose to ask Christ into our heart. What does change is the future when one turns total control of their life over to the Son of God. Amazing things can happen and our lives are truly transformed. Through His loving guidance greed turns to generosity. Insecurity is transformed into confidence. Laziness becomes renewed energy. Anger turns to gentleness and sadness to joy. Through Him all things are possible.

All of that being said, even with Christ at the center of our lives, there will still be times of trials and tribulation. Temptation will come knocking and the hurts of life will find their way to your door. Many new Christians (and older ones too) expect an instant transformation and that life will get better immediately. This does not always happen. Instead the transformation is gradual with glitches along the way. Christianity is a relathionship with Jesus our Lord and Savior. Relationships take work and this one is no different. The harder we work at our relationship with Christ, the more we will grow as a Christian and the more we will grow as a child of God.

All this being said, I have been struggling lately with my daily walk and meditation and along with that comes an emptiness and lonliness and overall lack of direction. I truly believe that part of the reason I am feeling this way is partly due to my current work situation. I have no security. The job I have had for 5 years has changed drastically and will never be the same. So much (too much) of my personal identity and feelings of self worth comes from my career and right now I just feel lost. On a personal level I have also been struggling. Friendships that I once thought were solid have crumbled….as I look back I now realize that these friendships were unhealthy and not what I thought they were. Our involvement in our church, which was once a huge part of our social lives has been minimal over the past couple of years….but this will soon be changing….and finally the last three years have been brutal on the family front. After the death of my mother in June 2008, my family as I thought it existed literally died as well. I have cried many hours over the situation between my sisters’ and myself. I have held onto an incredible amount of hurt and anger over the things that have been done to me and said about to me. Today during our Easter service at church I realized that I need to let all of the anger and hurt go and let Him, the one who loves me more than life itself take care of the situation within my family. I need to give Him my lonliness and I need to trust Him to find me the perfect employment situation for this season of my life. I need to give up control. I need to trust that He will take care of all of my needs and I need to just give it all to Him and spend more time working on my relationship with Him instead of trying to handle everything here on earth by myself.

I know that today’s post has been long, but I just had so much on my heart. I pray that your Easter has been as amazing and enlightening as mine.

Happy Easter!


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