Easter Basket

I thought I would share my latest creation with you. It’s called “Easter Basket” and I made it for the dessert auction fundraiser at the FFA Banquet. I think the pictures pretty much tell the story.

Pretty Flowers

This is a close-up of the top of the cake. Filled with flowers.

The "Basket"

I used brown butter cream frosting for the basket which was accomplished by using the basket weave. It is sitting in the “grass” with Easter eggs (jelly beans) hidden in the grass.

The entire "basket"


Happy Easter

This is a wider shot of the entire cake taken from an above angle. I was really happy with how the cake turned out. The cake itself was “Funfetti” with a Ginny twist……and vanilla filling. I am very excited to be starting my fondant class this Saturday. I have kind of drug my feet on learning to work with fondant because I don’t necessarily like the taste……but it gives me so many decorating options……and I am thinking about trying to build a little cake decorating “side” business so really need to add fondant to my decorating knowledge. I will post pictures of my creations during my four week class.
Do you like my Easter Basket creation? Do you think I could be at least semi-successful with cake decorating? I really try to focus not only on decorating nice cakes, but I want them to taste good as well. I seen and tasted way too many cakes that were well decorated, but taste horrible over the years. I don’t want to create that kind of cakes….I want amazing tasting cakes plus ones that look great. Wish me luck!


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