Spring on the High Desert…..Part 1

Spring, a time of new birth. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming….people are enjoying wearing sandles and shorts…….that is, unless you live on the high desert. Here in Bend, Oregon, we are still walking around in our flannel lined jeans with winter coats and gloves on. Yep, that’s what spring looks like for us. Tomorrow is my youngest sons’ first baseball game of the season. He is a freshman in high school and every year that he has played baseball (he started in kindergarten) it has SNOWED on opening day and we just might see snow tomorrow as the high for tomorrow is supposed to be 46 degrees.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT…….46 stinking degrees, there ought to be a law against playing baseball in anything less than 60 degrees, but if there were, we would never play baseball here in Bend because it has been known to snow on the fourth of July here……yep that’s what it’s like here at the base of the Cascade Mountains.   Tomorrow, I will take my camera to his opening game and capture the event in pictures to share here with you. Pictures of me bundled up in blankets, still freezing my you know what off. Pictures of the kids freezing as they play out in the field. Pictures of SPRING on the high desert!


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