I Am Blessed

Over the past couple of days, I have been reminded once again how incredibly blessed I am. As I have mentioned several times since this past Friday….my youngest son was supposed to go on his first “big” trip during spring vacation. His destination? Japan. The earthquake and Tsunami followed by the threat of a nuclear disaster have caused the school district to cancel the trip. Is this difficult for Connor? Yes. Is it difficult for us as parents to watch our son go through this intense disappointment. Yes. However, it could be so much worse. What if our kids had been IN Japan when the earthquake hit? Oh……it could have been worse. Then I go into work today and ask one of my co-workers how her weekend was. She just hung her head and told me it was horrible. One of her daughters’ best childhood friends lost her daughter over the weekend. A precious little two year old girl who got out of the house while mommy and daddy were preparing for a camping trip, run over by a car and killed. How horrible for the family and all of those involved. I just cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. I am so blessed. I have four children and we have had exactly two trips to the emergency room with our children…..and no stitches. Over the years I have learned not to take one moment of this life for granted, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I am so thankful that my kids are healthy. I am so thankful that my husband and I have a loving marriage and that he treats me like a queen. I am so thankful that we have good jobs and can afford to send our kids on school trips to Japan, help them with their college education…..you get the picture. I am thankful for a God who loves me and knows my every need, even before I know it. I would like to say that I am always this aware of how blessed I am, but that would not be the truth. There are days when I try to have a pity party….feeling sorry for myself for something that really isn’t important and then God finds a way to remind me……I AM BLESSED.

The Family at Libby's High School Graduation 2006

One thought on “I Am Blessed

  1. Amen to all that you said here Honey. Something that I heard many years ago, that has stuck with me is this phrase…””The way a parent spells “love” is T-I-M-E “”! Through the years, we’ve sacrificed a lot of selfish desires in order to spend “time” with our kids…and I wouldn’t change one minute…even if I could. We’ve never made a lot of money, but our kids have never wanted for a lot…and the bottom line is that every one of them knows that they are a child of God and that they are loved by Him…and by their Mom and Dad. I could not be more proud of them…or of you Ginny…nor could I feel more blessed. I love you all. Dad

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