Letting Go

I am struggling BIG TIME. In just two weeks, my youngest child will be boarding a plane with other members of the Mountain View High School Band and flying to Japan……another country…….an ocean away from me. What am I going to do if he needs me? What am I going to do if he forgets something? I went through this same panic attack before our older son, Reuben went on the same trip when he was a sophomore. In some ways, I think Connor is more prepared than Reuben. He is more outgoing. He has so many friends in the band and is very well liked. But he’s my BABY. He is only 14 and to be perfectly honest, he needs to take some lessons on responsibility. So, I worry. I worry aboug him budgeting his money. I worry about his ability to communicate with his host family. I JUST WORRY……THAT’S WHAT I DO. As we get closer to the day he will leave, I will worry more, and cry a little but I will also be so very proud of my son going on the adventure of a lifetime. He will be flying across the ocean to a foreign country and he will have a wonderful time. He will come home a changed young man. He will be exposed to a whole new culture. He will learn so much. I am happy that he has the opportunity to go. As we move closer to the date of his departure, I will continue to post, to let you know how I’m feeling and how we are all doing with the preparations. While he is in Japan, I will post updates. And when he gets home safely, I’ll share the celebration with you. Right now, I just ask for your prayers. For Connor and his fears/nervousness. For Dave and I…..for peace that everything will be ok…..and for all of the kids who are going, that they will have the adventure of a lifetime. Next post……..the packing list.

My Baby


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