Let Go and Let God be God

Many of us have heard the phrase “let go and let God be God” before, but how many of us have really tried to let go of the worries of life and totally trust in God, especially when it comes to our finances. After a very frank discussion with my boss on Friday, I have spent much of this weekend playing different scenerios in my mind….thinking questions like “what if my position is totally cut”….”what if they cut me back to part time”…..what if…..well you get the picture. I have many different “solutions” to each scenerio in my mind, but what if my “solutions” are not what God has in mind for me. This morning I realized that not once this weekend have I PRAYED about each of these scenerios. What if God’s plan isn’t mine? What if he has something in mind that I haven’t even thought of? How would I know of his absolutely PERFECT plan if I do not communicate with him about the situation? How many times in our lives to we come up with what we think is the absolutely perfect solution to a problem, only to realize that God wasn’t included in our planning sessions. That’s where I was headed this weekend, but this morning, he gently reminded me that He is the one who is control. He is the one who knows exactly where my job is heading and that He has me in the palm of his hand and that He already has a solution. How comforting is that? So many times I just take the bull the the horns and try to do things on my own….forgetting that God loves me and that He WANTS to help me. So…….excuse my while I have a chat with my God, while I listen to his guidance…….Lord I thank you for loving me so much that You sent your son to die for my sins. I thank you that I can come to you for the solutions to problems that sometimes seem insurmountable to me. I thank you that you are my God. As I sit here this morning, I give you my employment situation. Thank you. Amen.


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