Second Born

It’s been a while since I posted an update….life can get a bit busy when you are a wife and mother of four and work full time. For this post, I have decided to introduce you to our second child. Reuben (or Boo Boo Bear as I call him) is 18 year-old and graduated from high school this June. He is enrolled at the Community College here in Bend, Oregon and started life as a college student last Monday. Reuben is a true answer to prayer. I will save that story for another post as it is long…..but know that God does answer prayer in a mighty powerful way. Reuben is the quiet Streeter child. Early in life, he was painfully shy, but over the years has come out of his shell a bit. I do have to admit that he is a mommy’s boy (he even admits it). He is a young man with a very sensitive heart and goes out of his way to help people. In high school Reuben was involved with the band and has the opportunity to travel to Japan twice with his high school band (I am jealous). He was also involved with a group of students who formed a bucket drumming group that perfomed at basketball games etc. Reuben is contemplating entering the malitary after a year at the community college. While that prospect scares the crap out of me, I am also proud of what he is considering. Reuben truly is an amazing young man.

My Boo Boo Bear is Growing Up
My Boo Boo Bear is Growing Up

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